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What is Decorative Painting?
Decorative painting is enjoying recent popularity, but it’s actually thousands of years old, and includes decorative art techniques such as color rubs, washes, combing, marbleizing, frescoes, ragging, stenciling, and strié. Whatever you choose, ZITA ART strives to match the right decorative painting technique or mural to the room in your home.

What is Faux Finishing?
Faux finishes are part of the decorative painting equation.

“Faux” is French for false. ZITA ART can create a variety of faux finishing “looks,” including stone, stucco, wood graining, and marble. It may not be practical to use the “real” materials, but there’s no reason why you can’t have faux finishes provide the real look.

What’s the difference between Faux Finishing and Murals?
A mural is a painting directly on a wall or on canvas, which is then attached to the wall. A mural can be a landscape, sky, portrait, sign, or a custom designed image. It can be used to add an architectural element, such as a window with an expansive view, to create a new environment, or to add that special character to an environment.

Decorative painting or glazing is a paint treatment – to provide depth of color, texture or a pattern.

What is an Applied Material Finish?
ZITA ART continues to examine and test new products in the Decorative Finishing Industry, and have integrated the use of these materials to provide our clients with the most visually interesting, durable and cost effective Applied Material Finishes.

I’d like to have some decorative painting done in my home/business. What should I do prior to meeting with ZITA ART?
Assess the room. Are you changing the window treatments, the carpet or the furniture? If you are, have samples of them available for the consultation. The colors and painting technique will be pulled from those items. It is always good to look through books & magazines for design ideas that you like. This can be very helpful to convey concepts visually and ensure that your vision is best executed.

What should I expect from our consultation?
When ZITA ART meets with a new client and/or designer, questions will be asked about the room’s use. Concepts and ideas for the room will be discussed. Zita will also look at the elements of the room(s) (the fabrics, furniture, flooring) and make suggestions as to which technique would be best.

How can I see what the different techniques look like?
Clients look through ZITA ART’s portfolio that contains samples of the techniques available.

How will I know what my color and technique choice look like?
Once the painting technique has been determined and colors are selected, ZITA ART will make up a sample board using the colors and the selected technique for the client to see in the actual space.

What if I don’t like my sample?
Sometimes the colors don’t read the way you expect, which is why we always do a sample board. If changes need to be made, we schedule another meeting to revise the sample.

How well does a decorative finish hold up compared to a regular painted wall?
The finishes are all washable after the 30-day curing period. Also, there are some techniques that hide marks and fingerprints and are useful in high traffic areas or where children are present.

When the time comes to redecorate, does the decorative finish need special treatment?
The walls should be treated the same way as a regular painted wall: it should be prepped, primed and repainted. There are a few techniques which will require more vigorous work to level the paint and/or applied materials. Furniture and cabinetry require normal refinishing techniques.

What is ZITA ART’s price structure?
All bids are on a “by job basis” due to the numerous variables associated with the wide range of finishes and environments.
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